Client Testimonials

Dottie Towne has been my lawyer for both of my claims against my Insurance Company – due to two not at fault accidents.  If you need a lawyer on your side that will fight for you – Dottie is your lawyer.   Her dedication and willingness to make sure your rights and best interest are taken into consideration and the main focus – has only proven that she gets the best results for you.  You don’t have to go up against the Insurance Companies alone – if you have Dottie there to fight for you.  

Dottie Towne - Injury Lawyer


Client Testimonial

Dottie Towne, Attorney at Law, represented me in an auto accident with efficient and effective professionalism. Her ethical standards, accessibility, and capacity to listen created my feelings of being understood and safe in dealing with insurance companies and health care professional issues. I would recommend Dottie Towne to anyone looking for an excellent hands-on attorney. ~ BH

Client Testimonial

At a truly devastating time of need, I hadn’t a clue of what to do. With an achy body and a mangled car; I took the right route that led to Ms. Dottie Towne. I was twenty years old when I had my first auto accident. My car was rear – ended by another vehicle. It was sudden and unexpected. I felt helpless at the accident scene. I did not know which way to turn. A co–worker was a former client of Dottie’s and he suggested I call her.  She helped me feel comfortable in my decisions and walked me through every step of the process. She fought for me until I had back exactly what I deserved. Can you say that too? ~ CF

Client Testimonial

I was referred to Dottie about 6 years ago by my neighbor Tom who previously retained a “BIG” firm to handle an auto accident case for him.  Tom realized what a mistake that was as he found the “BIG” firm seemed to never have time to talk to him and rarely got to talk to his attorney.  Tom told me how personable, knowledgeable and accessible Dottie is and he wished he had retained her first.  I took Tom’s recommendation and met with Dottie.  Little did I know I would be looking to Dottie many times for legal advice and create a friendship.  My first two accidents weren’t too out of the ordinary, the typical “my car got hit by another motorist” which resulted in personal injury and property damage.  Dottie was awesome both times!!  I would meet with Dottie regularly, she always answered any calls and even went to court with me only to find out the person who hit me didn’t show up.  Nothing ever appears to be a waste of time for Dottie.  Both times Dottie got me a settlement I was pleased with.  Oh and my neighbor Tom settled his suit that Dottie took over from the “Big” firm. Just when I thought my streak of bad luck was over “BAM” I was hit again.  While at the scene I called Dottie, I took pictures as instructed.  I realized not only did my vehicle sustain damage, I was in severe pain.  Hearing Dottie’s voice at the scene was a big stress reliever for me.  I knew I had nothing to worry about again, and her “take charge” attitude was reassuring.  During the upcoming days, weeks and months Dottie helped me through the flood of insurance forms and negotiations with the adjusters.  She made sure I was able to get to and from my doctors appointments while ensuring I was receiving the care and attention my injuries required.  I eventually had back surgery performed by an awesome team of surgeons and am now back to normal.  Dottie fought the whole way to get my medical bills completely paid, vehicle damage compensation and pain and suffering compensation. Once again my life is back to normal thanks to Dottie Towne!  Dottie’s knowledge, experience and ethics make her the only attorney I would call and refer my family and friends. Through all of this I gained a friend.  She’s always upbeat, articulate and personable. I am glad I have Dottie Towne on my side. Thanks for everything Dottie!! ~ WS

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