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Automobile Accidents

According to the Florida Department of Health, automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death among Americans every year. Each minute that passes throughout a day accounts for a motor vehicle accident. Despite improvement of traffic laws and automobile safety features, accidents still occur. But that does not mean that victims should go without repayment of their damages and losses.

Dog Bites

With a number of the more than 4.7 million dog bites that happen each year resulting in serious injury, we are committed to fighting for our clients who have suffered from dog bites according to Florida’s dog owner liability statute. This law states that dog owners whose dogs bite someone who is on or in a public place, or rightfully on public property is responsible for the damages caused to the person who is bitten. 

Product Liability

We understand that products, from vehicles to toys, boats, electronics and furniture, are purchased in expectation that they will perform the way they are intended to, as well as efficiently and safely. But when used, many products are found to be faulty and the defects of some can cause serious injury. This can provide basis for a product liability case in which the law may find a manufacturer at fault for any injuries resulting from product misperformance.

Insurance Claims

At Dottie Towne Law, we know that not every claim is accepted by insurance companies. This may leave the insured to pay more of pocket and wondering why they have insurance if they are not protected in the case of a catastrophic or injurious incident. Here is where we come into play.

Premises Liability

A number of conditions present in or on a property, including inadequate security, insufficient maintenance and defective conditions, can cause an incident to be considered a premises liability case. 

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