No fee or cost to you unless I win your case.

For many years I worked for the insurance company. I opened my practice on Davis Islands in 2002.Since then I have only represented injured clients with claims against the insurance company.

I will evaluate your Injury Claim without charge or obligation.

Call: 813-254-1960 now to schedule a Free Evaluation of your Injury Claim.

As your attorney, I make you the same promise made to every Client
since I opened my Personal Injury practice in 2002.

I Promise:

  1. I will: Personally handle your claim against the Insurance Company.
  2. I will: Personally and promptly return your phone calls.
  3. I will: Personally and promptly keep you up to date & answer your questions about claim.
  4. I will: Personally keep you up to date on the progress of your claim.
  5. I will: Send you a bound copy of the “Settlement Demand Package” which I submit (in every case) to the Insurance Company.

I Promise:

  1. I will not: Settle your claim without prior approval.
  2. I will not: Ask you to approve a settlement until I have told you, exactly, the amount of money you will receive after deduction of all fees & costs.
  3. I will not: Send you a bill for my fee or money I have spent, if I am unsuccessful in making a recovery for you.
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